Buffer/Security Stock:

Buffer or security stock, installed at EBV's warehouse in a simple and easy-to-use way, provides you with optimal security, increased flexibility, reduced backlog exposure and ultimately lower working capital through less onsite inventory.

Inplant Store:

Inventory management processes significantly affect working capital and flexibility for high-value parts. They require correct inventory profiling and are used in combination with other supply chain solutions.

Forecast Management:

Optimized inventory profiling (ABC classification) and forecasting (via EDI), reduces your inventory exposure and order administration/transaction cost. This results in increased purchasing efficiency and the freedom to focus on strategic high-value items.

Just-in-Time Delivery:

JIT is ideally suited for customers with a stable forecast but changing demands. Based on a rolling forecast, the JIT shipment is triggered directly by the customer's manufacturing.


Kanban is ideally suited for customers with a stable forecast and stable demands who are focused on lean inventory. Utilizing a two-bin system and an automatic call-off process, Kanban reduces inventory exposure, order administration and production risks.