EBV Elektronik focuses its business on a limited, but as a result manageable number of semi-conductor manufacturers. As a Distributor the quality of our service level is of major importance for our customers; still we understand our role also to demonstrate social and environmental awareness and responsibility. Therefore, operational safety and environmental issues are also integrated into our DIN EN ISO 9001 compliant QM System. As we feel confident that proper handling and storing of semi-conductors is a must, EBV was one of the first entities found EN CLC/TR 61340-5-1&2 compliant replacing the former CECC (EN 100114-1), IECQ (QC001001 & QC001002-3) and DIN EN 100015-1&2 qualifications. Compliance to well recognized industrial standards like e.g. J-STD 020, J-STD 033, EIA JEDEC 625, JESD 31 or ANSI ESD S20.20 is a matter of course for us.

On the other hand our corporate service provider for Logistics and Product Modification, Avnet Logistics GmbH Poing/Germany works also to the highest, internationally recognized standards which are available to distributors of electronic components. Avnet Logistics is the result of a spin-off of a formerly EBV owned Warehouse and Programming Centre using all of EBV’s more than 40 years of experience, practice and well established resources to provide even better services to the market. Avnet Logistics now serves other corporate distribution organizations within the Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA, too. As our corporate logistics and value added partner Avnet Logistics is DIN EN ISO 14001 qualified.

EN 61340-5-1 & 2, ANSI and JEDEC standards are applicable to distributors and specialist contractors and are the required, often mandatory, levels of approval by major electronic component manufacturers. Each of these standards significantly exceeds the relevant specific requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.
These standards enable EBV Elektronik to satisfy the requirements of the market, to penetrate it even deeper and help to open doors to the most sophisticated and challenging industries like:

  • aviation and aerospace
  • automotive and naval
  • telecommunications
  • military
  • medical equipment / life-sustaining systems
  • personal and property security systems

Continuous second- and third-party audits by electronic component manufacturers, customers out of totally different market segments and one of the biggest globally operating certification bodies ensure high level services and strong reliability.

Compliance with internationally well recognized quality standards, continuous improvement, environmental and social awareness means for us a self-evident contribution to the market, to long-term customer supplier relationships and to our society.

ISO 9001:2008 Compliance

The QM-system of EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG complies with:DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems - Requirements:
English (768 kB)

Reg. number: 01 100 036019
For: EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, Im Technologiepark 2-8, D-85586 Poing
Scope: Authorized Distribution of Semi-Conductors and Microsystems Including Technical Support and Administration
Date: August 12, 2015

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IEC 61340-5-1 et. seq / ANSI ESD S20.20 / JESD 625 / J-STD-033 / J-STD-020

An ESD Audit has demonstrated evidence that a system for protection of electronic components against electrostatic phenomena and handling, packing, shipping and use of moisture sensitive device has been established and is successfully applied:
English (1,8 MB)

Reg. number: 2012 - 12/270
For: EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG, Im Technologiepark 2-8, D-85586 Poing
Place of work: Avnet Logistics GmbH, Gruberstrasse 60, D-85586 Poing
Issue Date: 19/12/2012

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EN9120 Compliance

The QM-system of EBV Elektronik complies with:
EN 9120 Aerospace series – Quality management systems – Requirements for stockist distributors (based on ISO 9001:2000)
EBV Elektronik (Antony/France & Poing/Germany) - Certificate: English (352 kB)

Reg. number: N/A
For: EBV Elektronik, Im Technologiepark 2-8, D-85586 Poing, Germany
3 Rue de la Renaissance, F-92184 Antony, France
Scope: Semiconductors and Microsystems Distribution
Issue Date: 19/09/2008

AEO Certification

Here you can download the certificate: AEO Certificate

Holder: EBV Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG
EORI-Nummer: DE 2331438
Nr. der amtl. Eintragung: HRA 77165
UST-IDNr(n).: DE 129334372
Scope: Zollrechtliche Vereinfachungen
Reg. number: DE AEOC 116963
Issue Date: 25/10/2012

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