EBV as Employer

Work for EBV

The semiconductor industry is a business which never stands still. Continuous change of the market requires a team of people who are willing and prepared to face the challenge.

How about working for a company which...

  • sells best in class electronic components which make automobiles move, illuminate a whole city, enable photovoltaic to produce electricity, let intelligent prostheses become reality, and so much more?
  • cooperates with the top semiconductor manufacturers?
  • commits to being a green and socially conscious corporate citizen?
  • values its employees as the most important capital?

Why do our employees like to work here?

It's our culture
At EBV, we all share a common goal: not just to meet, but to exceed the expectations of our customers, both internal and external – and to do this, we need the right people in the right places. One of our key priorities is to make sure that all of our employees are doing a job which suits their abilities and interests, a job they can get enthusiastic about. We are convinced that independent working, high levels of responsibility, and the opportunity to take a broad range of decisions motivate our employees and make them prouder of the results of their work. Our staff value open and direct communication and feel like they are part of what they call the “EBV family”, wherever they are in the world. That’s no surprise, since some of our staff have been working with us for more than 15 years now and have had time to forge strong friendships with other EBV employees – some of them in other countries. These friendships might in no small part be down to the fact that our values are actually part of our staff’s everyday lives, as our regular employee surveys confirm time and time again. Everyone who works for EBV is encouraged to bring their own ideas into play, and these ideas contribute both to the success of the company and to its corporate culture: EBV has developed the Idea Box for suggestions on how to improve the company, and offers rewards for the best ideas.

It's our employee development program
EBV continuously invests in modern programs and employee development tools adjusted to the needs of our employees. The more we exploit the potential of various talents, experiences and knowledge of our employees the better we will be able to promote innovation. Therefore EBV has developed EBV Forever, a talent management program tailored to the needs of our employees and the company. This offers opportunities to career perspectives also off the beaten track. Succession planning programs, management trainings and our Learning and Development Conversation help to have the right people in the right job. Our New Hire training is part of a structured induction of new employees, followed by tailored technical trainings and workshops which ensure continuous development and enhancement of an employee´s skill. A variety of general trainings such as language courses, MS Office programs etc. are offered to all employees across all countries.

It's our way to share the success with all employess
We know that our success is mainly driven by the high quality of work and continuous engagement of our employees and acknowledge the hard work of each individual. This is done be a patch on the back, local events and up to inviting all EBV employees to a 4-day company celebration in Andalusia.

It's our teamwork across all boundaries
With our Headquarters being in Germany departments such as Purchasing and Customer Support are located there. This together with international workshops and the opportunity of sharing ideas and best practices during various international Sales Meetings fosters team work across all boundaries, helping to understand and benefit from different mentalities and ways of thinking. Our Senior Management is part of the team and can be contacted directly without following hierarchical steps. And we are proud of our employees´ feedback that they highly appreciate the quality of their coworkers.

It's our compensation and benefits
Engaged employees are key to our success. Therefore EBV always strives to offer innovative, useful and motivational benefits in various areas such as health, employee well being and work-life-balance (offers may vary from country to country). And we are sharing this success: All employees participate in a Variable Compensation scheme which rewards for individual performance.

It's our commitment to ethics and compliance
Every single employee up to our managing directors gives their commitment to follow our Code of Conduct. Maintaining and living ethical standards is rated high at EBV, to foster diversity and to take equality serious is not just a promise, it´s reality.

It's because we care