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NXP & EBV: The Heart of Automotive

The car is evolving from a simple mode of transport to a personalised mobile information hub. NXP and EBV Elektronik will support you in making this change happen. The “Heart of Automotive”, NXP’s best-in-class product portfolio, in combination with the experienced application and market specialists of the EBV Automotive team, will help you drive this change.

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  • Altera SoCrates
    The SoCrates Starter Kit provides a full system development environment...

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  • Avago Encoder
    The AEDR-850x encoder is the smallest 3 channel optical encoder...

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  • EBV Sensor
    Underlining its competence in providing technical solutions for...

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  • EBV: the ST Sensors Authority
    ST’s sensor portfolio includes MEMS (microelectromechanical...

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  • LPC800 Cortex-M0+ from NXP
    The ARM Cortex™-M0+ processor is the most energy efficient...

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  • Freescale Kinetis
    Freescale Kinetis portfolio of ARM Cortex MCUs consists of multiple...

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  • TI Wolverine
    "Wolverine", a new feature-packed MSP430TM microcontroller platform...

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  • Infineon XMC4000
    Infineon launched the first low-cost evaluation board for their...

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  • NXP & EBV: The Heart of Cortex
    We Make Your Cortex Dreams Come True

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  • EBV Cortex Collection
    EBV Elektronik has released a completely revised edition of its...

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