Infineon XMC

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Infineon launched the first low-cost evaluation board for their successful Cortex-M4 family:

  • Reliable, high quality and long product life time (Infineon #1 in automotive)
  • Highly configurable and autonomous on–chip peripherals with programmable interconnections
  • Maximized system integrity based on ECC, CRC and parity checks
  • Extended temperature range up to 125° C ambient temperature
  • Unique SW tool infrastructure DAVE™3 – free tool chain and autocode generator based on pre-defined SW components (Apps) available for all XMC evaluation boards including the new relax kit.

The Relax Lite Kit offers a complete set of on-board devices and plugs to run USB-based applications and to develop human machine interfaces with buttons
and LEDs.

Order code: KIT_XMC45_RELAX_LITE_V1 (Price 10€/pcs.)

The Relax Kit extends Lite Kit functionality with an Ethernet-enabled communication option. It also allows developers to explore mass storage and file systems using a microSD card. In addition, it comes with serial flash memory.

Order code: KIT_XMC45_RELAX_V1 (Price 30€/pcs. )

Both kits are equipped with ARM® Cortex™-M4F CPU running on 120 MHz (XMC4500-F100F1024 AA, 1 MB Flash and 160 kKB RAM) including detachable on-board debugger.

Infineon XMC
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